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[iaik-ssl] iSaSiLK 2.5 (SSL) User Manual and Reading in a Signed Certificate

I am trying to look for a copy of the iSaIiLK 2.5  User Manual. Could anyone tell me where it is ? I don't seems to be able to find it on the web site.
Another question I have is that I have generated my onw CA Certificate and User Certificate using Baltimore PKI tool. The Certificate seems to be ok and I can install it to Netscape. The certifcicate is in .der format. I tried using the following method to read the certificate but received 

    Security.insertProviderAt (new IAIK ());

    X509Certificate cert = new X509Certificate();

    InputStream fis = new FileInputStream("cert.der");

    cert = new X509Certificate(fis);


the following error is generated :
iaik.utils.InternalErrorException: content_count > 1 and implicitly tagged.
        at iaik.asn1.CON_SPEC.getValue(CON_SPEC)
        at iaik.asn1.structures.DistributionPoint.<init>(Compiled Code)
        at iaik.x509.extensions.CRLDistributionPoints.init(Compiled Code)
        at iaik.x509.X509Extensions.parseExtensions(Compiled Code)
        at iaik.x509.X509Extensions.<init>(X509Extensions)
        at iaik.x509.X509Certificate.init(Compiled Code)
        at iaik.x509.X509Certificate.decode(X509Certificate)
        at iaik.x509.X509Certificate.<init>(X509Certificate)
        at test.main(test.java:35)
I would appreciate if someone can shed some light of what is wrong with the above . Thanks.
Chong Cher