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[iaik-ssl] Forthose with Https POST Problems...

Heya folks,

For those of you who have had problems with Https POSTing I have the
folowing commentary:

I had an application where I used Http URLConnections.

I generated the URL, got the URLConnection, used Input and Output
streams, and wrote the POST data to the output stream.

This used the default Http Handler classes from java.net and sun.net.

With the default handler, if you get the outputStream or
setDoOutput(true) the method gets changed automatically from GET to

However, if you use the Https handlers from IAIK, which under the covers
use the HTTP classes from the W3C Jigsaw product, this does not happen
automatically. You have to explicitly set the mode to POST. If not you
will send a GET instead of a POST. DOH!

so use: ((HttpURLConnection)uc).setRequestMethod("POST")

Yibede, Yibede! Thats all folks!


Gil Peeters
b.v.b.a CANCAS I.T.
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