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Re: [iaik-ssl] iSaSiLk w/o RSA talking to SSL web server

Ralph Roland wrote:

> My conclusion was that avoiding the RSA algorthms (and therefor
> the licensing issue) was "more trouble than it was worth".

Excellent information.  Thanks.

> We are currently leaning toward licensing Crypto-J from RSA
> and licensing iSaSiLk from IAIK - still expensive, but less so
> than getting SSL-J from RSA also.

Interesting option.  Any chance you can reply (in private if you wish)
to let me know what RSA is charging for Cypto-J?  Currently, I'm looking
at spending $15k for a site license of another product that I'd really
rather not buy...  The iSaSiLk product is really my preference, but
since RSA is being so stubborn with info, I may be forced to go with
something else.  :-(

Thomas Dorris
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