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Re: AW: AW: [iaik-ssl] iSaSiLk w/o RSA talking to SSL web server

Andreas Sterbenz wrote:

> Anyway, you really asked about your Netscape SSL server and I
> am sorry to tell you that it does not support and non RSA
> ciphersuites.

Thanks!  That's the info I was looking for.  I clearly don't have a good
grasp on what a cipher suite is made up of, so I wasn't even sure how to
ask the right question.  But as you pointed out, my basic question was
whether the Netscape SSL server supported any non-RSA cipher
suites...and it apparently does not.  :-(

> The same is true for Netscape browsers and Microsoft software,
> although the reason is somewhat beyond me.

I agree.  I had assumed at least Netscape had a non-RSA algorithm of
*some* sort, but I guess not.

Now my next logical question...  I've read through the patent issues on
your website concerning the use of your JCE-RSA package.  But I think
they just say something to the effect of "make sure you conform to the
RSA license".  Without drudging through the RSA site (which has not
impressed me with regards to information content), I'd like to know what
exactly that would involve.  If I purchase a site license for iSaSiLk
and your JCE package, do you have a feel for what additional cost I
might incur to purchase an RSA license to use your JCE-RSA package?

Thanks again.  This has been very helpful.

Thomas Dorris
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