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[iaik-ssl] Some general questions


I have some questions regarding iSaSiLk and RMI.

Consider this example:

1. RMI server + RMI registry on one host
2. Clients that uses the Java plugin
3. Both server-side and client-side firewalls

What we would like to manage is to have zero administration for the
client without any modifications in the client-side firewalls. Is that
possible with the use of iSaSilk?

I think that it would be possible if you can:
    1. Use predefined ports for the SSL sockets. Is it possible to
combine them?
    2. Have the RMI registry *and* the remote objects listening on the
same port (i.e. 443). Perhaps not a iSaSiLk question but anyway, is it

More questions ...
Are there any problems with the use of iSaSiLk in the Java plugin?
How are the client certificate and the private key stored when applets
are used?


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