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[iaik-ssl] iSaSiLk on OS/390


we like to run an SSL server on an OS/390 system and a client on Windows NT
(both based on iSaSiLk 2.51). Have you tested your libraries for
communication between these platforms?

I am asking because we have severe problems with the character
encoding/decoding when converting strings to byte arrays and vice versa
(there isn't any problem when communicating between WindowsNT and Unix
platforms). We found that the problem appears in the
fromInputStream(InputStream is) method of the iaik.asn1.ASN1 class (there
are probably other places but this method is called very often). In this
method, you check a string previously converted from a byte array:
    if (new String(buf).equals("-----BEGIN")) {
and if the peer has a non-compatible encoding scheme, this returns false and
the handshake fails.

The errors can be reproduced by starting the demo.server.SSLServer on an NT
machine as follows (Cp1047 is the EPCIDIC encoding on OS/390):
java -Dfile.encoding=Cp1047 demo.server.SSLServer
and the client:
java demo.client.SSLClient localhost:4433

Has anybody experienced (and/or solved) similar problems?

Thanks for any hint

Thomas Ernst

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