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[iaik-ssl] Simultaneous requests to SSL server


I am using 2 separate client processes to make simultaneous requests to an
iSaSilk2.51-Jigsaw2.03 server. It appears that only one of the clients makes
the connection. The second client, just hangs after sending the
"client_hello" message. If after the first client has finished, I restart
it, it is able to make a connection, but the client that is hung, continues
to hang.

The following is the message on the client side.

Connect to localhost:4433Request method: POST
Connection (conn):
InputRecord locked.
OutputRecord locked.
starting handshake.
send client_hello...

On the server side, I do not see any message. Usually, I see the debug
statement from the ServerTrustDecider(), indicating it has been invoked. 

I have turned off the session caching. 


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