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[iaik-ssl] HttpsConnection & HttpsURLConnection

Hi there,

Have a question. I was trying to run demo
HttpsConnection.java to try https connection to my 
webserver. Now I need HttpsURLConnection.java to
get my demo running.

Now I noticed that I need to get the following to
get my client side demo running and have jigsaw.zip
set up in my class path.

import org.w3c.www.protocol.http.HttpsURLConnection;

But when I do get jigsaw there is no jigsaw.zip in it.
There is a file called jigsaw.jar but it does not have
HttpsURLConnection.class in it.

Now shouldnt HttpsURLConnection.class be provided to
if we decide to buy IAIK-SSL ? Or do we need to write 
one of our own ?

Any thoughts or experiences in this regard ?

Thanks a bunch in advance - Amlan.


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