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[iaik-ssl] new CA and SSL and server?

Could someone please help me with the following 2 questions:

1. I've downloaded test certificates from verisign and installed them on
the server (Java Web Server 2.0). I've tested the configuration with a
browser and this works as it should. However I would now like to use the
demo programs to access the server but the CA is not recognised. How can
I add a new CA to the configuration?

2. I've been trying out some of the other demo programs and specifically
the ClientInfo. As far as I understand, in order to do this a server is
started on a specific port (443?). What happens if one already has an
ssl server running, for example netscape with ssl enabled. Or do you
access this program/servlet via ssl and then start the server in the
program on a different port?

Thanks in advance

Colin Chalmers

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