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Re: [iaik-ssl] problem with applet and Netscape

Sorry, I've found my problem... I'm a little dumb, as usual... :( I
should remeber to close the FileOutputStream, before using the file I've
just created...

Sorry, again...

Riccardo Conturbia

Conturbia Riccardo wrote:
> It seems to me that I'm a little bit unlucky :( My applet runs fine on
> appletviewer, but I still have some problems on Netscape...
> The jarfile is ok (well, I guess! :)) and includes every class needed.
> (thanks to Mario Luis Peralta and Sridharan Rajalingam!)
> Before telling my problem let me show what my applet is supposed to do:
> to POST on a https server a file that can be plain text, signed,
> encrypted or signed and encrypted.
> Everything works fine if I try to POST a plain text, but something
> happens when I sign or encrypt the file. This is really strange to me,
> because the applet works the same way: it does a POST with file on the
> local machine, a plain text in the former case, a encrypted text in the
> latter... the encrypted text is created by a class named PKCS7File3 that
> gives a method called writeTo... that's the only difference...
> Btw, the problem I experience is a cool one: the server create a
> temporary file that fills the entire free disk space avaliable! Good way
> for a "denial of service" attack!!! :)
> Maybe you can check my class to find out if there's something wrong or
> strange... (but it works on appletviewer, I can't understand!)
> As usual, thanks for your help
> Riccardo Conturbia
> engineering student at Turin Politecnico
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