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AW: [iaik-ssl] American export regulations vs JDK/JRE

> It would be very  interesting to hear about IAIK's position in
> this matter, and  also to hear what conclusions other users of
> IAIK-JCE and iSaSiLk  have come to.
This is absolutely new to me (and so absolutely incredible) and no,
I don't clkaim to have any opinion per se. But I will try to get
other people's opinions about that.

> follow the american regulations you may face a trade embargo from
> the american side. The trade embargo is typically enforced on a
> national level.
From my point of view I would consider using some four letter words here but
I understand Ericssons position might be different :-)

> But what if you
> want to bundle JDK/JRE with your product? Does that constitute a
> problem? My interpretation is that it shouldn't, since JDK/JRE is free.
Now this depends on what value these have. Free doesn't necessarily mean no
value, does it? I wouldn't be surprised by any interpretation like that.

However, as the US export regulation <might> indeed loosen up in the near
future, this <might> not be really relevant. From what I have heared the
fear is that in exchange for loosening up they would "motivate" their
companies to provide products with implicit key leakage facilities. I am
quite sure they can't force you to do that. We will first need to see if
this really happens.


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