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[iaik-ssl] iSaSiLk vs. SSLava - using ADH in applet

We are in the process of licensing iSaSiLk, but are having problems doing
ADH key exchange.
I realize from an earlier message that this is a bug that will be fixed
shortly, but there is another
issue.  The applet editition of iSaSiLk only supports RSA, where the applet
edition os SSLava will
do ADH, and it is only 50k (and it also works now).  My question is, can
iSaSiLk be easily
peared down to only do ADH in order to reduce the footprint for applet use.
I don't need any of the
other algorithms because I'm connecting to a known ADH server.  If this is
not easily done, maybe
I should just go with the 50k SSLava package.  Thanks for any info or


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