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[iaik-ssl] Obtaining Client Certificates


I am trying to obtain the client certificates (passed to the JigsawSSL
server during SSL handshake) from servlets. I read from the source given,
i.e. iaik.jigsaw.https.httpd:

      // Set properties for Servlets
      String cs =
      request.setState("javax.net.ssl.cipher_suite", cs);
      String cm =
      request.setState("javax.net.ssl.compression_method", cm);
      X509Certificate[] clientCertChain =
      request.setState("javax.net.ssl.peer_certificates", clientCertChain);

The state of the Request object is given the certificates, as indicated
above (i.e. by calling setState). But, how do I retrieve the state back? I
guess the only way for me to do so is to use the method getState from
org.w3c.www.http.HttpMessage, but what is its relationship with servlets?

Your help will be very much appreciated.


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