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[iaik-ssl] Which sample version of RMI over SSL?

as part of ISaSiLk 2.51 I found two examples on how to set up secure RMI over SSL with ISaSiLk. Under src/demo one solution is in the rmi & server dir, the other under rmi12. The latter I can't get to work. It looks simplier but it seems, that it is not complete. In the SSLHelloClient part no SSL-SocketFactories are used at all. The server and the registry work fine, but the client fails to connect the SSL-Registry (transport protocol not supported by server).
What is the difference between both examples? I assume, the the latter is for use with Java 1.2, the other for older JDKs. This because I had to change the "older" rmi Example a little to get it run under Java 1.2.
In the "newer" rmi12 example it seems to be possible for a server to both provide a secure and a insecure interface at the same time, simply by omitting the socket factory arguments to UnicastRemoteObj ctor. If this is possible, I would be very interested in working code for the rmi12 example client (-.
Regards, Kolja