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Re: [iaik-ssl] Regarding certificate

JigsawSSL 2.0.1 beta includes a CertificateManager tool to be used for
setting server certificate, trusted client certificates, .. and generating
certificate requests. Usage of this tool is described in the Readme.html
file located in the main directory of the JigsawSSL distribution.

To install the new server certificate for JigsawSSL, start the
CertificateManager (certManager1x.cmd), open the "Server Certificates" tab,
move the mouse to the "RSA Parameters" area, click the right mouse button,
and select "Import Certificate Chain" for importing a X509 certificate chain
or PKCS7 CertList (if the private key already is set), or a PKCS#12 or IAIK
KeyAndCertificate file otherwise.

Dieter Bratko
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Subject: [iaik-ssl] Regarding certificate

>  Hi,
>    I am currently using JigsawSSL 2.0.1 beta version. I have generated a
> Public and private key set and a certificate request using
> RequestServerCert.java(that is in the src-ssl/iaik/jigsaw/https
> directory). I got a certificate from Netscape CA Certificate
> server and I have installed the certificate again using
> RequestServerCert.java.
>  Now how do I make this certificate use as my default certificate of my
> server.
>  Any suggestions would be of great help.
>  thanks,
>  Praveen
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