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[iaik-ssl] Unknown error situation


I'm trying to build up a client/server connection with client
authentication. I loaded the client cert from a DER file and the
corresponding private key from a PEM file (both created by OpenSSL).

But now I receive during session negotiating the following message on the
client side when I use the debug option:

received Certificate...
received Certificate_request...
send SSLCertficate
send ClientClient KeyExchange
send CertificateVerify
send change_cipher_spec
send finished
Handshaker Alert!       <====== :-(
Alert Fatal: bad certificate  <====== :-(

Who triggers this message? Is it due to a message from the server meaning
the servert does not accept the client cert or is it done by the client due
to some other failure?

And another question: Is anybody here who creates the certificates with the
OpenSSL ca utility and use them with IAIK? If so it would be nice if he
would send me a short email - I have some questions which are off-topic in
this list.



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