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[iaik-ssl] Sessions

Hi there !

Does anybody know how to work with sessions?

1) I am using the session manager which I get from the context with
2) To be sure he is working I do a 'enable(true)' on the manager.
3) After successfully getting a connection I add the session that I get from
my socket object to the cache by using MySessionManager.addCache(). (But why
do I have to get the session object from the socket if afterwards I use the
socket itself as the second parameter.... ???)
4) But now every time I'm using the connection (It is a simple Client/Server
App that sends one message to the server and receives a copy of it) the
server sends its certificate which should not happen if the client sends a
valid session ID which in turn should be available.... Using the
'getResumePeriod()' function I get a value large enough for my application.

Where do I make the mistake ??? (Or is this possible a server problem? the
server uses OpenSSL)

Thanks a lot,


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