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[iaik-ssl] The new X509Certificate(InputStream) ctor in the final 2.5 version gives problems

We downloaded the latest final version of iSaSiSkL2.5 and IAIK-JCE2.5
a couple of days back.
The pgm which worked earlier with 2.5b1 version gave 2 exceptions
when using the latest 2.5 final version of the jar files :

1) In the constructor of iaik.x509.X509Certificate with InputStream
as the argument, we get the exception :
CertificateException - PublicKeyAlgorithm not implemented: rsaEncryption
I tried with both PEM and DER formats, and we get the same exception
when using the final version.
Then I retried with the older 2.5b1 version of jar files, and it was OK as before.
(For testing with the older 2.5b1 version, I changed the decrypt()
argument back to String.) Pl see details below.

2) The public interface of decrypt() method in EncryptedPrivateKeyInfo
has changed - the argument is changed from String to char array !
(I added ".toCharArray()" and it worked.)
Perhaps an additional method with char [] could have been added
to retain compatibility ??

Pl comment/suggest solution for the 1st problem.


Sundar Krishnan


When compiled and run with the final 2.5 version of the jar files :
java cshop.security.SSLClient fbc-tst2.india.hp.com:9002

 Provider IAIK added to SSLClient.

 Could not read Client Certificate and/or decrypt Private Key successfully.
 e.getMessage() = PublicKey algorithm not implemented: rsaEncryption
java.security.cert.CertificateException: PublicKey algorithm not implemented: rsaEncryption
        at iaik.x509.X509Certificate.a(Compiled Code)
        at iaik.x509.X509Certificate.decode(Unknown Source)
        at iaik.x509.X509Certificate.<init>(Unknown Source)
        at cshop.security.INGClientTrustDecider.<init>(Compiled Code)
        at cshop.security.SSLClient.main(Compiled Code)

This exception does NOT occur when compiled and run using
2.5b1 version of jar files.