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RE: [iaik-ssl] SSL on already open Socket?

Thanks for the reply, Sean. 

This looks fine as a workaround. I'll probably use this for prototyping.

The only problem here is that I'm tied to using the SSLSocket for secure transport with SOCKS. 

I was hoping to have the freedom to use other secure transport and 
initialise them with the already open SOCKS connection, if and when they are available. 



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     Hi Andy,
     I haven't done the SOCKS client side thing (and wouldn't realy like to 
     :) , but I have implemented a HTTP proxy tunnel by doing the 
     following, and I guess it should work for SOCKS.
     You can turn off the automatic SSL handshake on the SSLSocket
     SSLSocket s = new SSLSocket(host, port) //of the proxy
     //get the streams and to the SOCKS V5 stuff
     // the socket will behave as in java.net
     //get the steams now and they will be secure
     Hope this helps

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Subject: [iaik-ssl] SSL on already open Socket?
Author:  adowling (adowling@iol.ie) at unix,mime
Date:    24/05/99 11:10

Hi all,
I need to be able to perform an SSL handshake on a Socket that is already establ
In my case, I need SSL after a SOCKS V5 handshake.
I can't see that the current API supports this. Is there any workaround to do th
is, or maybe
a new constructor could be added to the SSLSocket: something along the lines of:
public SSLSocket (Socket s, SSLContext context) ???
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