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[iaik-jce] ObjectID


I was thinking of if it could be useful to let ObjectID return an OID of
the Object Identifier with a known name. It would be most useful when
parsing a string Distinguished Name, for example. Or is there any class

For example, javax.security.auth.x500 has a class X500Principal. But it
does not know how to handle RDN types for our project. We would base our
parser on your package including ObjectID, but it would be better to be
able to retrieve the OID of the attributeType, specified in the RDN.

So, are there ways to construct GeneralNames (Directory Name
specifically) with non-standard attributeTypes in RDNs? Is it, or will
it be possible to retrieve an OID of a registered attributeType (so I
wouldn't need to keep my internal list of them, a duplicate of yours)?



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