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[iaik-jce] Urgent: Does client need to install the API?


i've used the iaik-jce applet edition 2.61. i've got a question here. i'm 
doing testing on 2 PCs to test that another PC, served as a client, and 
another one, served a server, can access my web-based system. but the 
problem now is that does the client need to install the iaik-jce applet 
edition since i have problem while client tries to access the system from 
his PC. i'm using applet to build my application. i've added this code 
IAIK.addAsProvider(true) in my program code, and this caused errors. but if 
i delete that phrase, then i would get the error of algorithm SHA/RSA not 
found etc. so any suggestion for this problem. thanks. it's an urgent 

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