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AW: [iaik-jce] SMimeSigned Object Verification


When using demo class SMimeStream and writing the encoding to a file you
will get a DER encoded PKCS#7 ContentInfo object holding the SignedData
object. Depending on using implicit or explicit mode, the data to be signed
either will be included in the SignedData object or not.
The question is what format is expected by WorldSecure. If it only expects a
DER encoded PKCS#7 object, it should work in the way you described if you
ensure that the data needed for verification is included in the SignedData
object or can be supplied to WorldSecure by some other means.
However, if WolrdSecure expects whole the Mime Message you should use class
SignedContent and preceed as in demo.smime.SMimeSend (if you want to write
to the message to a file instead of actually sending it, ensure to call
saveChanges before calling writeTo: msg.saveChanges(); msg.writeTo(os)).

Dieter Bratko

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Betreff: [iaik-jce] SMimeSigned Object Verification

I need to create a custom application for digital signing documents.

Please, correct me if I'm wrong.

I chose the S/Mime format (".p7m" extension),which means that a PKCS#7
SignedData Object is created and then wrapped by a SMimeSigned Object (is
the sequence correct?).

Things seem to go fine until I decide to verify the outcome against a
reference implementation (WorldTalk Secure Client).
This program has been found an the RSA site as application to check against
for S/Mime compliancy.

When I try to save the SMimeSigned Object on file (.p7m) I receive errors on
the format or integrity of the data.

I used the "SMimeStream" program and simply used a
"signed.writeTo(FileOutputStream)" , but when I open it with WorldSecure
app, I'm told that "the message was signed but the signature does not match
the contents".

I received also some other messages when I tried with other methods.

Can you please tell me what's wrong?

Or,at least, can you please tell me what's the (detailed) correct way to
create an application that performs the task I mentioned?

In my opinion there is something wrong with some encoding maybe,because I
could guess it from some error messages.
How does the writeTo() method works?Could the problem be there or I'm
totally wrong?

Please,help because interoperability is an issue for me.

ANY info or comment, WELCOME.

Best Regards,

         Diego Pietralunga
         Laboratorio di Telematica per il Territorio - Parma
         E-Mail: Diego@ltt.it

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