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[iaik-jce] Importing a PFX file from IE 5.5

I've tried to use the following code to import a certificate exported from
IE 5.5 :

  X509Certificate userCert = null;
  try {

	PKCS12 mp12 = new PKCS12(new FileInputStream(cert));
	char[] passphrase = password.toCharArray();

	// extract the cert chain from the pfx file
	CertificateBag[]  certBag = mp12.getCertificateBags();

	if (certBag != null) {
		System.out.println("CertificateBag :" + certBag.toString());
		X509Certificate[] certs =
		userCert = certs[certs.length - 1];

  } catch (Exception e) {

When I run the above code, I encounter the error
"iaik.pkcs.PKCSParsingException: ASN.1 creation error:Length: Too large
ASN.1 object: 113". I've tried to run the same program with PKCS#12 file
generated from a different CA and it works. 

Any hint ? The version of IAIK I'm using is 2.61, does it support PFX file
exported from IE 5.5 ?
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