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[iaik-jce] Need help on IAIK-JCE2.6

hi hoe meng,

     how r u? bz wif ur proj n work? as 4 me over here, nearly die oredi, hahah! b coz of my proj. now is the beginning onli of the coding part. really tough, coz face a lot of problems. really scared that i cant grad. the draft has 2 b passed up on 23/2, the presentation will b around end of march. really rush, plus assignments of other subjects, especially the network programming, really sucks!
     how was ur chinese new year hol? perhaps it's an enjoyable one. i din really enjoy b coz i'm scared of my proj. anyhow, i'd tried 2 relax myself during that one-week vacation, tho i did get my cpu back so that i can do my proj (but i can't get the monitor that suits).
     do u know anybody (or u urself) who had used the iaik-jce program b4? coz i've encountered some problems where the RSA key-pair that i generated cannot b saved into the file being specified. i've tried to keep in the database, but the data being kept in database is not the same as generated. that's the most diff point here coz i cant proceed with my verification process. but another fren of mine who r using the same software as me does not face this prob. i dunno wat's the cause of this error (java.io.NotSerializableException: iaik.asn1.ASN1). if u do know, please tell me ok?
     guess that's all 4 this time. sori 4 bothering u again. bye n take care ok? happy chinese new year.....


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