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[iaik-jce] Problem working with IE

Hi Manoj,
I can't give you advice about  how to use IAIK to verify the signature on the code that you have written. However, at http://www.xetex.com/xsigner/index.html we have a freeware ActiveX control that contains the MS CAPI crypto signing capability. It can plug in to Explorer and generate a signed PKCS7. The source code is not free (as of today) but the compiled version of the control is. What you can do is compare the signature that it produces to the signature that you are producing. If this is more of an issue of how to use IAIK to do what you want to do, someone else could answer your question better than I (if they have not already).
Daniel J. Sanders.
Xetex Inc.
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I have one more problem. I successfully completed the signing and
verification process in Netscape. i.e. I was using crypto.signtext method in
netscape at client side for signing some text. And i was using IAIK library
at server side to verify the certificate and the signatures.
Now i want to do the same thing in Internet Explorer. I know the
crypto.signText function doesnt work in IE. I was trying to
use cryptoAPI provided by Microsoft for signing the message. But i am not
able to process the signature generated by cryptoAPI using IAIK library. Do
i have to do anything special for doing this??
Can anybody help me on this??
Thanks And Regards,