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[iaik-jce] & T61String

Title: & T61String

I've encountered something that must be a mistake on my part, but I haven't been able to see where that mistake is. 

        If I do the following:

    String origName = "cn=aaf1f1f, o=uwaterloo, c=ca";
    T61String umlautTest = new T61String( origName );

    byte [] data = DerCoder.encode( umlautTest );

        And save the byte[] to a file, the output encoding replaces the with a '?', so I get "cn=aa?f1f1f, o=uwaterloo, c=ca".  I have looked at the encoding of the string, and there is actually a question mark in it.  It is not simply a display error with the ASN.1 pretty printer I'm using. 

        Along the same lines, if I read a file which contains an ASN.1 Teletex string with a

      dnBytes = iaik.utils.Util.readFile( "D:\\in\\dn.asn" );
      ASN1Object dn = DerCoder.decode( dnBytes );

      T61String name = (T61String)dn;

        the name.getValue() object returns a string which contains the encoded string, but the '' has been changed to another character. 

        Am I doing something incorrectly, or what?  I noticed in another e-mail sent to this list that for someone else, a DN containing "Mnchen" was converted to "M?nchen". 

        I've attached the two files.  umlauttest.asn contains the output of the first test, encoding the umlautted character.  DN.asn contains a section of a DN that doesn't get read in properly in the second test. 

  <<DN.asn>> <<umlauttest.asn>>