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[iaik-jce] Importing a Certificate exported from Netscape V4.7 or Outlook 2000

I've got problems to import an Certificate exported from Netscape 4.7, Netscape 6 PR2
or from Outlook 2000. Exception message is "unable to decrypt private key" ?
I'm using JDK 1.3 under NT 4 SP6 and IAIK JCE 2.6
What I'm doing wrong ?
I'm using PKCS12(Inputstream in ) for reading the exported Certificate
Code looks like:
   System.out.println("trying to get PKCS12 Object from Inputstream");
   PKCS12 pkcs12 = new PKCS12(in);
   System.out.println(pkcs12.toString() );
   System.out.println("PKCS12 Object read sucess");
   CertificateBag[] cfbs;
   int i;
   // try to decrypt the PKCS Structure