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[iaik-jce] SignedData contentInfo field and Der encoding


I'm a student from Portugal which is using iaik-jce in a project. I just
want to do two questions:

1) In this project i need to build a ContentInfo structure with a particular
user-defined and specific ObjectId (which is not pkcs7). Then, this
contentInfo is to be used in the correponding field in a SignedData
structure. But iaik-jce doesn't let me do this. Is there any way to avoid
this problem?

2) In the ASN specification says that the Der-encoding of any ASN structure
(and in particular all the structured types) MUST be done with
definite-length encoding. Then, why is that iaik-jce DerCoder uses
indefinite-length encoding in various structures, like SignedData and
ContentInfo structures? This encoding doesn't make the Der-encoding
impossible to parse to any other Der coder?

Thanking you all for your time,


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