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[iaik-jce] [IAIK-JCE] Using self-created certificate to sign messages in Outlook 2000

I have a problem sending messages signed with certificates I created using
Outlook 2000.
I have created the certificate with my name and e-mail,then I used
PKCS12-Create to obtain a .p12 file.
Outlook shows the data read correctly.
But,when I try to send a signed (and/or crypted) message,Outlook complains
that there's no digital ID for the recipient,which is me.(so Outlook has my
data,I guess)
I've seen that every recepient has the possibilty to import a digital ID,but
in PKCS7 format (it accepts *.p7c or *.cer).
What can I do to create a file Outlook accepts in import using certificates
from my keystore?

      Diego Pietralunga

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