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[iaik-jce] Use of a generated PrivateKey on a SSL-Server


We want to provide a self-generated CA-Certificate (we want to use it for
SMIME en- and decryption) on a own SSL-webserver (Apache with mod-ssl). To
provide the certificate the certificate an the private key must be present
in PEM-encdoded respectively Base64 encoded format.

I use the methods iaik.utils.Util.toPemString(Certificate cert) and the
iaik.utils.Util.toPemString(PrivateKey privateKey) to encode the
certificate and the private key. After that I save the both encoded strings
in a file.

The certificate is apparently all right. I have test it with openssl. But
the private key seems to be corrupt. The test give me an error back and the
Apache-SSL-Server doesn't start (he stopped with the message: Private Key
not found).

If I have something to heed if I want to encode the Private Key in the PEM
Have someone any other idea?


Sven Noack



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