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[iaik-jce] Convert JCE keystore to IAIK

We are converting an applet that had run under the Java Plugin version
1.2 and Sun JCE to instead use the IAIK JCE Applet Edition and run in
the browsers' native JVM.  There is a small group of existing users who
have keystores of type JCEKS and we need to figure out how to support
them and/or give them a simple, convenient conversion process.

It appears the IAIK only supports an IAIK Keystore, not JCEKS.  Is this
true?  If so, it appears that the only way that we will be able allow
these users to use the new IAIK-based version of this applet is to
create an IAIK keystore for them.

Is there a utility available that can convert a JCEKS to an IAIK
keystore?  Would we have to write our own application, or applet to run
under the Plugin, to copy the contents of the old JCEKS to a new IAIK
keystore?  Is it even possible?  Or is our only recourse to create a
brand new IAIK keystore, and existing users will have to generate new
keys, obtain new certificates for them, etc.?

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