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[iaik-jce] Entrust Toolkit


I wonder who is using Entrust Java Toolkit. I am trying to validate a
certificate. The code is like this:

SecureStringBuffer passwordBuffer = new SecureStringBuffer("Password1");
User user = new User("c:\\winnt\\RLI.epf", passwordBuffer,
X509Certificate[] x = user.validate(cert);

java.io.FileNotFoundException: Password1 (The system cannot find the file
        at java.io.FileInputStream.open(Native Method)
        at java.io.FileInputStream.<init>(FileInputStream.java:64)
        at com.entrust.toolkit.util.IniFile.<init>(IniFile.java)
        at com.entrust.toolkit.User.<init>(User.java)
        at EntrustValidate.validateCert(EntrustValidate.java:43)

Password1 is the password of the profile. Why did the toolkit look for a
file (Password1)?

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