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AW: [iaik-jce] again PKCS7


the encoding you sent is a SignedData wrapped into a ContentInfo. However,
there is a problem with the encoding of the included certificate SET. Maybe
the PKCS#6 ExtendedCertificate choice is used (I can not check this; we have
not implemented it since ExtendedCertificates are more or less deprecated
with the introduction of X.509v3 extensions; we have never seen it in a
SignedData object so far). On the other side, if the ExtendedCertificate
option is not used, the IMPLICIT CONTEXT SPECIFIC encoding of the X.509
certificate SET is invalid (which may be seen when looking at the
corresponding DER bytes).

Dieter Bratko

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first of all: thanx a lot for your help to solve my first problem.
Now I've got another prob.
I've build some data, created a PKCS7-SignedData object and saved it to
disk. In the next step I've read the file, decoded the data and got
everything I needed.
But now I've got a signed mail, extracted the signature and wanted to decode
the signature as I did it with my own, self-created signature - with the
following result:

java.io.IOException: Next ASN.1 object is no INTEGER!
	at iaik.asn1.DerInputStream.readInteger(Unknown Source)
	at iaik.pkcs.pkcs7.SignedData.decode(Unknown Source)

Is it possible that the signature of the mail isn't correct? (signed by the
mail add-on of the german CA signtrust).

Thx (again)

P.S.: I've attatched the signature of that mail.

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