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[iaik-jce] entrust toolkit & IAIK/iSaSiLk


I'm wondering if anyone knows what version of IAIK JCE and iSaSiLk the
entrust java toolkit v5.0 uses?  All of entrust's toolkit managers and
support seem to be either on vacation or asleep, so I thought I'd ask
here.  I'm trying to do things at a bit lower level than Entrust's
documentation describes (or Entrust encourages) - namely using keystore
instead of entrust profiles for storing key material, which rules out a
lot of entrust's interfaces.  There seem to have been some substantive
changes in v5.0 which I think I can best learn by working on the
corresponding IAIK/iSaSiLk toolkits.


David Margrave
Amazon.com, Inc.

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