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[iaik-jce] PBE Encryption and SealedObjects


I've been having lots of trouble with symmetric encryption.   Much of the
time that I try to use PBE encryption, I encrypt, then decrypt, and get out
garbled text.   Does anyone have a very good example of using PBE

Anyway, that is not the main question.  My main question is with
SealedObjects.   I used the sealedObject in the same way that the JCE/JCA
states in: http://crypto.stanford.edu/~dabo/cs255/JCE-1.2.htm#SealedObject

Only problem is that when I try to get out my origional plaintext, and place
in the origional key or the cipher,  I get a null returned on:
String temp = (String)so.getObject(sk);

Can anyone see why this would be happening... I have done exactly as the
document says.


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