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[iaik-jce] How do you verify multiple signatures put on an SMIME message?


I would like to verify a file that is signed by more than one user.
These signatures are at the same level (parallel signatures, not nested).
The signed file contains the signer's certificates.
With SignedContent.getSignerInfos() I am able to determine the number of
However, SignedContent.verify() only returns the certificate of one of the
It probably also only verifies that one signature, not the others (but I am
not sure about that).
I also tried to use SignedContent.verify(PublicKey publicKey) but this
function fails
for all public keys except the one returned by SignedContents.verify().

What can I do to solve this problem?
Is it possible to verify multiple signatures?



ps: I'm using IAIK JCE 2.51 and IAIK SMIME 2.52.

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