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AW: [iaik-jce] Sending encrypted mails

IAIK-S/MIME and IAIK S/MIME-Mapper have been successfully tested against
Outlook. Please give information about the tool you are using / way to
create/send the encrypted mail.

Dieter Bratko

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Gesendet: Donnerstag, 27. Juli 2000 15:48
An: 'iaik-jce@iaik.at'
Betreff: [iaik-jce] Sending encrypted mails

Has anyone ever tried to send encrypted mails?
I'm having a problem to open the mails using outlook, when I send my
encrypted mail with javamail outlook doesn't recognize that it is encrypted
so he just opens the mails instead of decrypting it, this result in a mail
with nothing then encrypted junk.
Although I used the public key from the person i send the mail to.

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