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[iaik-jce] Error while decoding certificates from JKS keystore

I need to convert a certificate from a keystore (JKS Keystore), generated with keytool (the certificate is generated with keytool -genkey -keysize 512 .....).
I get the certificate into a java.security.cert.X509Certificate, and the encode it (with getEncoded method), and from the encoded byte array I try to instantiate a iaik.x509.x509certificate.
I get the following exception: Unimplemented algorithm: 1.2.840.10040.4.1
This is strange, because the algorithm is SHA1withDSA, implemented by Sun (and, by the way, this algorithm is 1.2.840.10040.4.3). 
Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug in IAIK(maybe when reading the algorithm ID)?
Thank you