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[iaik-jce] IAIK-SMIME 2.52 problem with IAIK-JCE-AE 2.52

Dear all,
I use IAIK-JCE-AE 2.5.1 with IAIK-SMIME 2.52 compile with jdk1.3 on
I am try to build an appet that can sign mail.
This applet is import iaik.java.security.interfaces.*, not
I 've got this error when I try to set signer private key by method
"setSigner()" in class "SignedContent".
Is this mean IAIK-SMIME2.52 doesn't support IAIK-JCE-AE2.5.1?
What can I do? Please help.
thank you very much.
tataroz t.

======= Error message =========
in iaik.security.smime.SignedContent cannot be applied
sc.setSigner((RSAPrivateKey)signerPrivateKey, signerCertificate);

1 error
======= End ========

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