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[iaik-jce] Problems parsing pkcs#7 file


I have some problems parsing a pkcs#7 file. The file was created using the
PKCS7CertList class
as shown in the corresponding documentation. I tried to read in the same
file then, but got an IOException:

java.io.IOException: Error parsing Object!
        at iaik.pkcs.pkcs7.SignedDataStream.notifyEOF(Unknown Source)
        at iaik.pkcs.pkcs7.SignedData.decode(Unknown Source)
        at iaik.pkcs.pkcs7.ContentInfo.decode(Compiled Code)
        at iaik.pkcs.pkcs7.ContentInfo.<init>(Compiled Code)
        at iaik.pkcs.PKCS7CertList.<init>(Unknown Source)
Exception: null

My piece of code looks like the following:

PKCS7CertList pkcs7 = new PKCS7CertList(new FileInputStream(filename));
X509Certificate[] certs = pkcs7.getCertificateList();

I attached the p7 file for verification.

Any help is very much appreciated.
A. Gottschol