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[iaik-jce] block size in SignedDataStream... and more...

First of all, thanks to Peter Lipp, Dieter Bratko and anyone else who
helped me... I've almost finished my thesis... so these are the last few
questions (for a while... :))

1) JCE-related: what can be a suitable value for the blocksize parameter
in stream structures like SignedDataStream, EnvelopedDataStream etc... I
know from your documentation that it's designed to "break" data in
smaller pieces, but I have no clue about the "right" value... 64? 1024?
Or it doesn't really matter?

2) SSL-related: I've noticed that transmission of a 10Kbyte file
generates a ~MByte amount of data trasferred during SSL connection... is
it correct? Or maybe I am doing silly things?

Thank you, again...

Riccardo Conturbia
Politecnico di Torino
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