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[iaik-jce] reading PKCS#7 response files

I sent a certificate signing request to Thawte to obtain a test certificate.
The file a got is a Base64 DER encoded PKCS#7 file.
I tried to get the certificate chain inside with the procedure illustrated
by Dieter Bratko on 14 Apr 2000 in this same mailing list.

However, the list I obtain is not *sorted* according to the JCA conventions:
after parsing, I have the CA root cert as element at index 0 instead of the
cert of the end entity.

I thought that part of the PKCS7CertList class was to sort the certs in a
chain from the end entity up to the self signed root cert of the CA.

Any good suggestions to sort the certs chain afterward in a foolproof way?

Raffaello Giulietti

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