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Re: [iaik-jce] Name of Provider

The name of the IAIK provider is "IAIK", the master class is
iaik.security.provider.IAIK. You may add the following line into your
java.security file for statically registering the IAIK provider:


See http://jcewww.iaik.tu-graz.ac.at/jce/features.htm#The IAIK provider.

Dieter Bratko

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From: Markus Weimer
To: iaik-jce@iaik.at
Sent: Thursday, March 09, 2000 11:00 AM
Subject: [iaik-jce] Name of Provider


May I introduce myself as I`m new to the list:

My name is Markus Weimer and I`m a student of computer sience and
economics at Darmstadt, Germany. Currently, I'm working for the GMD, a
research center in the field of information sience.
For my current task, I am using the security Provider iaik-jce. More
exactly, I would like to use it. But I haven't found any information on
how to install it. My current problem is that I don't know what the name
of the security provider is, which I have to write into the
java.security file in the directory java/jre/lib/security.

May someone be so kind to send me a mail with the line to put into that

Thanks in advance

Markus Weimer


GMD Darmstadt
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