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[iaik-jce] Name of Provider


May I introduce myself as I`m new to the list:

My name is Markus Weimer and I`m a student of computer sience and
economics at Darmstadt, Germany. Currently, I'm working for the GMD, a
research center in the field of information sience.
For my current task, I am using the security Provider iaik-jce. More
exactly, I would like to use it. But I haven't found any information on
how to install it. My current problem is that I don't know what the name
of the security provider is, which I have to write into the
java.security file in the directory java/jre/lib/security.

May someone be so kind to send me a mail with the line to put into that

Thanks in advance

Markus Weimer


GMD Darmstadt
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