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[iaik-jce] SSL Handshake error with ClassCastException


I am using the Sun KeyStore to store keys and certificates. When
opening an SSL connection with a chain verifier that uses trusted
certs. from the key store, I get the following exception
(iSaSiLk 3.0, JCE 2.61, JDK 1.2 on Solaris 2.7):

java.io.IOException: Fatal SSL handshake error:
java.lang.ClassCastException: sun.security.x509.X500Name
        at iaik.security.ssl.SSLTransport.a(Unknown Source)
        at iaik.security.ssl.SSLTransport.startHandshake(Unknown Source)
        at iaik.security.ssl.SSLTransport.getInputStream(Unknown Source)
        at iaik.security.ssl.SSLSocket.getInputStream(Unknown Source)
        at jacorb.orb.Connection.<init>(Connection.java:279)

This does not happen if either no trusted certs. exist in the key 
store or if I don't register a chain verifier (my own brand, but it
is never called before the exception occurs).

Am I missing something, is this some known problem? Do I have to
use the IAIK key store? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Gerald Brose.
Gerald Brose,                       Mail:       brose@inf.fu-berlin.de
FU Berlin        (for PGP key see:) http://www.inf.fu-berlin.de/~brose
Institut f. Informatik              Ph-one:        (++49-30) 838-75112
Berlin, Germany                     Ph-ax:         (++49-30) 838-75109
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