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[iaik-jce] Get a cert chain from Netscape Certificate Server

Hi all.

I succefully made a request to Netscape Certificate Server from a
stand-alone application (by using both iSaSiLk and IAIK-JCE).
If I know the serial number of the certificate,  how can I get the
certificate ?
I tried to do this (also from a stand-alone application) by requesting
the URL
where num is the serial number of the issued certificate. Then I parsed
the script section of the html response to find the value
certChainBase64 (wich is the string printed in the html document between
"------BEGIN CERTIFICATE----" and "------END CERTIFICATE------").
How can I obtain my certificate from this string? Is this the rigth way
to get a certificate from Netscape Certificate Server?

Thanks in advance
Lucia Bonelli
Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA
Laboratorio Ricerca & Sviluppo
Viale del Castro Pretorio, 116
00185 Roma Italia
Tel. +39 06 44741123

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