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[iaik-jce] Multipart/signed errors

We have been using your IAIK S/MIME 2.52 and IAIK JCE 2.51
in our development project for quite a while now.
I have found two severe problems. I would appreciate
your comments on these issues. They might be related to each other.

1. multipart/signed error

S/MIME 2.52 - Windows 98 - JRE 1.2.2:
Some multipart/signed messages could not be opened properly, and there
was an error message "Next ASN.1 object is no SEQUENCE!".
The problem can be reproduced by sending the same
message again, consisting only of simple ascii text.
Most messages do not give this error.
We use MimeBodyPart in SMimeMultiPart.
S/MIME provides two formats for signed messages: 
    explicit, clear-signed: multipart/signed 
    implicit: application/pkcs7-mime and SignedData 
Now the problem disappeared when using "implicit" signatures.

2. Missing constructor from SMimeBodyPart

S/MIME 2.6Beta1 - Windows 98 - JRE 1.2.2:
The new S/MIME requires now that
"Multipart/signed messages where the contents itself is composed of 
parts have to be built with classes SMimeBodyPart and SMimeMultipart 
for ensuring proper canonicalization."
We use MimeBodyPart constructor 
MimeBodyPart(InternetHeaders headers, byte[] content) 
Such constructor is missing from the SMimeBodyPart implementation.
There is no easy work-around.

Jaripekka Salminen  
Senior Software Engineer
Medios Finland Oy
Helsinki, Finland
tel +358 9 323 4336

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