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[iaik-jce] ASN1 parsing continued


Here's a little more detail on where I got these DER
encoded objects.  I'm trying to communicate with
VeriSign through their implementation of CRS.  The DER
file I attached in the previous posting was a reply
from VeriSign when I performed a null posting.

As Dieter has already explained, it contained an
INTEGER primative with a null value.

I've gotten further in my implementation of the CRS
client, thus I am able to send VeriSign actual CRS
request now rather than just making a null posting. 
The file attached with this email is a reply for a
REVREQ object.  As far as I know, the request is a
valid crs request, a signed pkcs7 with the correct
message type, but the reply from VeriSign is again

This time, however, OpenSSL cannot even parse the
reply.  It fails around bytes 103-105 with an error of
"length is greater than 11".

Can anyone help?  Thanks in advance.
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