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[iaik-jce] NewBie Questions

Currently evaluation your product IAIK-JCE 2.6 beta released. I am using JDK
1.3. I am working with RSA keys.

I have a few questions: 
	1) Is it possible to get the source of your demo classes? It hard to
evaluate the product when you don't have anything 
	to get started with! Is their somewhere I get some source to get me
	2) I used the keytool -genkey. That seemed to have worked. Does this
generate both the public and private keys or just a skeleton for you to fill
	3) It seems that the keysig is MD5, you can't specify SHA for keyalg
RSA. Is this correct?

	4) I generated the csr which looks ok. That did not work in Java
1.2, but works in JDK1.3. Is this correct?

	5) I run a program that reads for the keystore (ks). Their is no
getprivatekey or getpublickey, their is only getkey!
	When I use the getkey is returns me null. That's why I was asking in
question 2 "Does this generate both the public and private keys".
	If it does where are they and how do I access them to sign and
verify signatures? What does getkey return? 
	6) Do you recommend using the keytool utility or doing everything
from an application? Are their any other problems that I will encounter by
	the keytool with your product?

> Thanks, 
> 	Andre Hiotis
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