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[iaik-jce] Private Key from PKCS12


I am trying to obtain the private key from a .p12 file that I have
imported from Netscape 4.7 to 
sign a challenge of an authentication method.
I know the password that is used to protect that key.

When I obtain the KeyBag, format and algorithm, it says that it is a
PKCS8 structure and RSA algorithm.
But I want to obtain the decrypted private key from this PKCS8

My code is as follows:

FileInputStream fis=new FileInputStream("file.p12");
PKCS12 test=new PKCS12(fis);
String password="password";
KeyBag myKeyBag=test.getKeyBag();
PrivateKey myKey=miKeyBag.getPrivateKey();

But when I obtain the encoded private key it is 365 bytes long, not the
512-bit RSA key.
I think that I need to use the EncryptedPrivateKeyInfo class or the
PKCS8ShroudedKeyBag but I
don't know how. 
Please could somebody show me a piece of code to extract the byte[] key
from the PKCS8 structure
assuming that it is encrypted.

Thanks in advance.

Manuel Tascón
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